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Why Rebuild / FAQ

Why should I rebuild instead of buying a new turbocharger?

In the process of rebuilding, we hold the machining, tolerances, and most importantly the balancing more precisely than the original equipment manufacturer. Our replacement parts have no planned obsolescence and are of superior quality. Lastly, the price for a rebuilt turbocharger is significantly lower, and the performance as good or better, than a new one.

What are some symptoms indicating I might need to rebuild my turbocharger?

Symptoms Include:
-Black or blue exhaust smoke
-Loss of power
-Excessive oil consumption
-Excessive whining noise
-Oily substance accumulating on turbine side (exhaust end)
-Oil loss on compressor end

**NOTE: Before removing a turbocharger, check for engine "blow by". If blow by is present, you MAY NOT NEED to replace the turbocharger. Need help in how to check for blow by? Contact us for assistance.

What are my alternatives to rebuilding?

Cheetah Turbo can provide center sections or stocked rebuilt units for immediate shipping. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

How fast can I get my turbocharger rebuilt?

The overwhelming majority of turbochargers are turned around in 1-3 days. Nextday shipping is available if needed.

How is my turbocharger rebuilt?

Each turbo undergoes a meticulous and detailed process executed by highly experienced technicians. Your turbocharger is inspected, cleaned, re-inspected, machined, balanced and shipped within 1-3 days of receipt.

What is my cost?

A typical rebuild starts at $199.00 plus shipping and or NYS sales tax if applicable. Please click here for more information.

What is Cheetah Turbo's policy?

Cheetah Turbo has a 6 month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship contingent upon customer replacing oil feed line (receipt required). Cheetah Turbo must receive all turbochargers intact, including housings. Disassembly of turbo, abuse, neglect, use of sealants on oil feed line or improper lubrication voids warranty. Cheetah Turbo is not liable for loss of time, loss of vehicle use or indirect or consequential damage.

Where is Cheetah Turbo?

We are located 138 Delaware Street, Walton NY 13856 Currently, we ship anywhere in North America. If you live elsewhere, please contact us to make arrangements.

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