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Process Overview

Each turbocharger goes through a detailed process of rebuilding by experienced technicians. What is the process? Here is a step-by step overview:

Each turbocharger is carefully disassembled. All parts from each unit are kept together to ensure optimum compatibility.

All parts are thoroughly inspected for any defects. Shafts, housings and compressor wheels are checked for wear and/or cracks. All bearings, seals and rings are discarded.

Each piece is carefully cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner,bead blasted,the cleaned in a separate ultrasonic cleaner.
Components are reexamined for damage that debris, rust and carbon may have obscured.

-Machining and balancing
Housing and shafts are machined to specifications, maintaining closer tolerances than OEM.

-Replacing and reassembling
All units are reassembled, having replaced the bearings, seals and rings with all new parts.

Non electronic wastegate actuators verified for function and pressure.

After meticulous inspection, rebuilding, and testing, turbochargers are ready for shipping. Shipping is additional.

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